Artists Statement


Artist Statement

As a keen observer of the natural environment and built forms around me, I am often drawn to the way one inspires the other.  Throughout history humans have designed, painted, photographed, sculpted, and constructed forms emulating our natural surroundings.  Natural forms and how I can incorporate them into my furniture designs are often the starting point for many pieces.

I am a University of Victoria graduate; with a Double Major in Visual Arts and Environmental Studies, and use my educational background to design fine furniture incorporating environmentally superior materials and practices.  This careful consideration yields not only beautiful, but environmentally responsible, pieces of high quality furniture to be enjoyed for generations.  Many artists have influenced my current body of work including George Nakashima, James Krenov and Tage Frid.  They have influenced my aesthetics and have helped me establish my own unique style.  As an artist I am always growing and exploring the connections between form and function.  I am inspired to create visually impactful pieces of functional art that incorporate graceful forms using locally harvested or found materials and utilize traditional and modern joinery techniques.

I enjoy the whole process: From finding or cutting the material, designing the piece, and through to the final finishing. As I build, the design is often fluid – the wood and construction processes influence the final result.  This fluid design process allows me to explore more options and work with the material to expose its natural beauty.

I work in many styles from driftwood sculptures to contemporary clean inspired lines to accentuate any home or office.  I enjoy working directly with clients to hear their preferences and use these as inspiration for my furniture.  My hope is that my work will reflect my clients’ unique aesthetics, and will be treasured for generations.

Burns Jennings